"Dear Dr. Ma, 

Hope you are doing well. It took us a couple of days sinking in what happened in the past week and we want to drop you a quick note to express how grateful we are to have you conducting the procedure for Teto. 

As you could see he was our treasure, we are so thankful that he was right next to us and he was spending his last moments on earth at his most comfortable place. Although it was one of the saddest days of our life, you made it easy for us. We really cherish your professionalism and your sympathy and empathy. With your guidance, we find our own ways to mourn and we are taking baby-steps getting used to a life without him. Thank you so much for being here that day! 

Btw, we really appreciate your courage in doing such a challenging job. We feel very lucky having you and I am sure all your clients will find the same."

--Fontane & Jason from Alameda


"Thank you Dr. Ma, for your graceful, compassionate presence during Rudy's passing. Your skilled professionalism brought relief to our pain and by allowing our process to unfold, you were truly an angel of mercy.

   We appreciated the idea of a clay paw print, so we decided to have both front paws imprinted. Glad we did!  Rudy was cremated and his ashes returned to us before a few days time. We are sooo thankful that we found Dr. Ma and that she had such a personalization for us to remember Rudy, our beloved English Bully.
   Rudy was a rescue and came to us when he was 5. He was an angel in a dog suit. The sweetest pup full of love. His time with us was too short. We miss him everyday. At 10 yrs old he took ill and was hospitalized. Sadly, with a terminal diagnosis and rapid decline, he returned home where he peacefully transitioned surrounded by his loving family. 
   Rudy's family thanks you, Dr. Ma for enabling his peaceful transition at home. We are eternally grateful."

--Mitch & Jim from San Francisco


"Thank you Dr. Ma for taking such good care of Bridget. She was a very special part of our lives and will always be in our hearts."

-- Marshall from Castro Valley


"Thanks again for everything. You did an outstanding job with helping us honor and comfortably let Sara go. Your patience and compassion made the process easier for us, and I am at peace with our decision because we had those last few peaceful moments with her. Thank you again."

-- Annalise from Moraga


"Thank you so much for your lovely card and packet of seeds... It meant a lot to me... I will plant them and keep them close to me. Thank you for caring...."

-- Maria from Fremont


"Thank you again Dr. Ma for all you did to keep Bleu's quality of life better during her battle and giving us 2 more weeks with her. I'm so blessed to have found you and you were there for us to end Bleu's suffering. You were sent to us to ease all of our pain even at the end.

Thank you for the beautiful card and your beautiful words ❤️
I believe the Lord sent you to us knowing how difficult it would be to have a wonderful caring Dr. would make it easier to say goodbye.
As difficult as that was, I am so very blessed you were there and the way you treated her so caring, loving and made her death so peaceful.
I feel a connection with you and you were meant to do this... I hope everyone that has a terminally ill pet is fortunate enough to find you.
I will plant those Blue forget-me-nots in my precious girl's memory.
You are truly beautiful person inside and out and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Bleu."

-- Debbie from San Lorenzo


"You are offering an amazing service and you do it so beautifully! Thank you for everything.  It has really helped both Marshall and I with coping with our loss to know that we were able to say our goodbyes in such a loving and dignified way, that means the world to us!"

-- Cynthia from Castro Valley


"Thank you so much, you made this difficult decision easier to bear, and helped Pecas have a comfortable passing at home with us. We really appreciate everything, and are glad he's no longer suffering." 

-- Lillian from Hayward


"If you're considering hospice care for your dear pet, then we all know how lost and hopeless you may feel. I felt this exact way until Dr. Tiffany Ma's visit tonight. She was so understanding and listened to all my questions and concerns. I'm so glad Eden Vet introduced us to you. Thank you for squeezing us in last minute and visiting us tonight. I have a sense of direction and strength in adapting to Roxy's final stage of life."

-- Seema from Castro Valley


"Dr. Tiffany Ma was our primary vet before she started Compassion Pet Hospice. She had always been very caring, understanding, and honest with patients. She would go above and beyond in helping you answer your questions. She had been very friendly and helpful all along, and a very honest person, she treats your pet with integrity and love."

-- Helena from San Leandro


"Thank you for your thoughtful card. We appreciate you being so caring and gentle with Belle. We miss her dearly but you helped ease the pain. Thank you again!"

-- Lin from Castro Valley


"Thanks so much. You were so great with Olive and Oscar and all the neighbors. Thank you again for making a really hard day is nice and sweet as possible. You are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing."

-- Carrianne from Oakland


"Thank you for reaching out to us. We all miss Beazlie immensely. Most importantly, we all rest peacefully knowing she is no longer uncomfortable and has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Thank you again for the good bye experience with Beazlie.  We wouldn’t of preferred it any other way. "

-- Micki from Foster City


"Thank you so much for all the time you spent to work with us and come up with a care plan for KC. I'm very excited to see her quality of life improve even more. : ) You're awesome! Hope you love the eggs and tomatoes!"

-- Della from Castro Valley


"This is the service I used to help my baby transition... It was the best decision I ever made, so compassionate and so personal and so special! The doctor was amazing and she had a great bedside manner. She was gentle, loving, truly an angel of peace. Thank you Dr. MA xo"

-- Yolanda from Hayward  


"Dr. Ma, Thank you so much for your visit and all the information, explanations, suggestions, and yes, compassion you gave to me (and Ashby) yesterday. And your follow up report was so thorough, something we never get from a quick vet visit. Your services are invaluable! I told several people at the barn today about you and they were impressed and amazed that this kind of care is available."

-- Renie from Oakland


"Dr. Ma, Thanks so much for your compassion and care this morning in helping Nicole out of her painful body and into heaven. I'm so glad we chose to have you do this for and with us instead of taking her elsewhere. I'll get you our form for Nicole's urn inscription soon, but just wanted to express my deep thanks right now for what you do. As difficult as it was to get through, it is the last pleasant memory we have of our Nicole."

-- Steve from Castro Valley


"Thanks so much for helping us through this difficult time. Given the difficult circumstances, we felt very comfortable having you with us through this process. Thanks for sending over tips i'm talking to my boy. It will be very helpful. Thanks again for everything!"

-- Christa from Livermore


"I can't thank you enough for all your time & information. I feel so much better & have positive thoughts that Tux's health will improve. You are amazing."

-- Gail from Castro Valley


"Tiffany, our profound thanks for handling our very emotional/stressful/painful experience with such dignity. You could not have been kinder, more compassionate or more humane throughout the process. You were an absolute blessing to us."

-- Donna & Dennis from San Ramon


"Dr. Ma, thank you so much for your tender care of Tucker. We were so appreciative for how generous you were with your time. We really could not have asked for a better experience, hard as it was. We will miss him greatly, but your help was key to us saying goodbye well. Thank you."

-- Ian from Montclair


"Dr. Ma...thank you for the card, your sweet sentiments, and most importantly for coming to our aid last Saturday.  That was the hardest decision but I now believe it was the right decision.    I miss my boy but knowing that he is no longer suffering in pain is my solace.   Thank you for your help."

-- Vicki from Hayward