Decision-making Process for Euthanasia

It is very difficult to make end-of-life decisions (hospice care, euthanasia, hospice-assisted natural death). There is no absolute right or wrong in the decision-making process as it is extremely personal - no one knows about your pet and your limitation in caring for your pet as well as you do. Therefore, it is important that you trust yourself in determining the best timing. All owners want to minimize their pets' suffering. Because animals have high tolerance of pain and the signs of pain can be very subtle, the perception of whether an animal is in pain or is suffering is highly subjective. If you feel you need guidance in making decisions, here are some online resources that I find very helpful:


1) How do I know when it's time? From OSU

2) Quality of life scoring tools From Lap of Love

3) Understanding pet pain From Dr. Annie Forslund

4) Making Decisions From Argus Institute (I provide the hard copy of "Making Decisions" to all my hospice care clients as I find it covers the end-of-life topics the best)

5) End-of-Life Decisions: Telling Your Vet No From Dr. Jessica Vogelsang

6) The Biggest Mistake Pet Owners Make at the End From Dr. Jessica Vogelsang


If you still have a hard time in making the decision, you don't have to make it on your own. I offer complimentary phone consultation and online quality of life assessment to provide guidance. Fill out our in-take form to begin the inquiry process. It's truly my honor to provide the help and support that you need during this difficult time.