We are currently closed to new appointment. If you submitted appointment request or contacted Dr. Ma in the past, please email her directly. In the near future, when we open again, we will implement the following protocol for home visit:

1) Dr. Ma will need to talk to you on the phone after you request an appointment online to confirm the appointment

2) Appointment needs to happen outdoor

3) To avoid exchange of items, payment is required one to two hours before appointment time

4) Dr. Ma will be wearing personl protective equipment including surgical cap, goggles, surgical mask, gloves, and shoe covers, for the visit. Your family is required to wear masks/face-cover

5) One person can hold your pet during injections. The rest of the family will need to keep at least 6 ft distance while Dr. Ma gets close to your pet. After the injections, Dr. Ma will give you space and time to be with your beloved

It is heartbreaking that we are not able to do what we used to do (like hugging each other to show care and support). However, safety comes first. It is very important that we can communicate over the phone prior to the visit to come up with a plan for your pet's peaceful transition at home.

Here is our referral list that we hope can make your search of local house call veterinarians easier. Please take care.