House Call Veterinarians Referral List

While we appreciate your interest in Compassion Pet Hospice, there may be times when we are not available to serve you immediately. To make your search easier, here is a list of veterinarians that provide in-home euthanasia services in the Bay Area.

East Bay

Dr. Shea Cox: 510-788-5550

Dr. Anthony Smith: 510-381-3389 

Dr. Susan Chew: 510-725-5206 (cats only

Dr. Tracy Williams: 925-735-7387

Dr. Cheryl Ramos: 925-939-7387

Dr. Vanessa Wensing: 925-218-8282

Dr. Faith Albright: 925-500-8050

Dr. Geethanjali Hegde: 510-386-2003

San Francisco Peninsula

Dr. Amy de Lorimier: 650-718-5077

Dr. Jenn Winnick: 650-316-5069

Dr. Allegra Liu: 619-253-1313 


South Bay

Dr. Louise Rathjen: 408-242-2792

Dr. Margaret Saiki: 408-399-5353

Dr. Gabrielle Ravina: 831-708-9588

(Please note that this information is provided for your convenience only, and inclusion on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of these providers.)